This teen is extremely lucky to be alive after his face was impaled by a 10-inch knife when he fell playing outside.

Jimmy Russell said when she heard him shout, her son, Eli Gregg, was playing outside their house in Redfield on Thursday night. She discovered him jutting from just below his eye with a 10-inch knife and called 911.

Jimmy Russell said she still isn’t sure what happened, but she heard her son screaming before he showed up at the door with a knife sticking out of his face. (The University of Kansas Health System)

Eli’s skull inserted the knife with the tip straight up on his carotid artery. “It could not have had a pound more force on it and him survive that event,” Dr. Koji Ebersole said.

Fortunately, the knife was expertly removed by doctors and Eli is now on the mend less than 24 hours later. He’s waking up and speaking with his mother.

Eli Gregg is expected to make a full recovery (University of Kansas Health System/PA)

Jimmy Russell said Eli is doing great and should make a full recovery.

“It is almost a miracle,” Russell said. “It is really, really amazing.”

She called her son’s recovery “answered prayers” in a video released by the hospital.

“I finally get to see the rest of my family,” Eli said through tears. “I get to go home.”

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