Micah Wooten, a 17-year-old Marine, had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery just before his graduation from boot camp. 

It was the day of graduation at the Military Acute Care Department that Micah’s mother, Missy Wooten, of Newberry, South Carolina, and his seven siblings had been longing for the past grueling 13-week summer. However, as they were getting to ready, they received a call that Micah had suffered a medical emergency and would be transported from the department to the local Beaufort Memorial Hospital to have minor surgery.

“It had been 13 weeks—that’s how long boot camp is. There had been an emotional roller coaster all summer, and missing him, and that kind of thing,” Wooten said, adding that it was a tough blow because the family was so looking forward to his ceremony.

At the time the procedure was all over and hospital staff was preparing to wheel Micah into post-op, they came up with an idea to celebrate his graduation, even though his medical emergency caused him to miss it at the base.

That’s when nurses and doctors at the Beaufort Hospital lined the hallway, cheered and clapped and played Marine’s Hymn as they wheeled Micah out of recovery to go to post-op. 

It wasn’t the ceremonial finish of training that Micah had always envisioned, but his mom said it was still very touching. 

“He was laying in the hospital bed, but he stiffened himself up and perked himself up and he was smiling. He really loved it,” his mom told InsideEdition.com.

Once Micah is recovered, he’ll return to active duty and get to live out his dream of serving his country as a Marine.