Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accused Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) of actively defending the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its responsibility for the CCP Virus. 

In a debate on new legislation to repair the damage caused by the CCP, Smith, who serves as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told his Democratic colleagues that, the CCP hid the real risk of the CCP Virus and that was a terrible thing, but it’s really not the CCP’s job to inform the American people about it. He went on to emphasize that it was the job of the president to warn the American people. 

Cruz could not help posting a comment on Twitter right after Smith’s speech, “Why are Dem actively defending communist China for COVERING UP the Wuhan coronavirus, which has killed over 500k people worldwide?”

Cruz is a great critic of the Chinese Communist Party. With respect to the CCP Virus, he fervently asserts that the Party is largely responsible for the global spread of the virus,”We need to stand up and deal directly with the threat China poses. China bears direct responsibility, direct culpability, for the over 300,000 people who have died worldwide, for the trillions in economic livelihoods that have been destroyed.” Those were Cruz’s words when he introduced three laws against the CCP  in the Senate on May 21.

Since the first reports of the CCP Virus outbreak in January, when Cruz called for an immediate ban on travel to and from China, he has called for a re-examination of the relationship between the United States and the CCP. His stance was not only in the speech, but he even introduced legislation to hold the CCP accountable for the kind of medical censorship that allowed the virus to spread, counter Chinese spying, and end U.S. dependence on the CCP for critical medical supplies and minerals.

As various media outlets reported recently, this action cost Cruz to be sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party along with two other government officials. 

Both Ted Cruz and his Republican colleagues will undoubtedly continue to denounce the CCP for its abuses on a global scale, but now they must also confront some Democrats who appear to be defending the CCP.