Entrepreneur and technology activist Kim Dotcom criticized the social network Twitter for suppressing his freedom of expression and hiding his tweets, this time in reference to the founder of the WikiLeaks platform, Julian Assange, who has been detained in London and could be extradited to the United States on various charges of espionage.

“Twitter just shadow banned my Julian Assange tweets, again. You should know that Twitter is not on your side,” tweeted Kim Dotcom, questioning the social network and joining several conservative voices demanding the same.

“If you want to read my free speech and that of many other censored voices, you should visit our Twitter profiles. The ‘deep state’ controls social networks to control you,” he added.

Deep state refers to “government in the shadows,” which they denounce as a form of clandestine government of a state, operated through networks of covert power groups (businessmen, officials, intelligence agents), who act in order to pursue a common agenda and objectives independently and in parallel to the democratically elected government, often committing acts of corruption in order to benefit themselves and to the detriment of the people.

WikiLeaks was the platform that brought to light—among other leaks—an entire network of corruption on the part of the Democratic Party.

Dotcom’s Twitter followers alerted him because his posts did not appear on his feed or wall and to see them they had to enter his profile.

“We’re killing the truth-teller and journalist Julian Assange by not doing enough to save him. Don’t just mobilize for mass protests when your fuel prices go up. Your right to know the TRUTH will be wiped out if they can kill Assange without opposition. Fight back, hard and now!” wrote Dotcom in his account.

Last year, Kim Dotcom promised to leave Twitter and build his own alternative platform after accusing the social networking giant and CEO Jack Dorsey of “messing with our freedom of speech.”

The social network admitted that certain measures suppress the reach of certain accounts, so that their tweets can only be seen by their followers, a practice known as “shadow banning.”

In addition, this means that the retweets of ‘offensive accounts’ publications are not shown to others.

Many supporters of President Trump and other conservative accounts have also denounced censorship.

Dotcom is a Finnish-German entrepreneur and founder of the Megaupload website and other partner sites. After the closure of Megaupload, Dotcom opened another file-sharing website in the cloud named Mega. The site was launched exactly one year after the FBI shut down Megaupload.

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