A high school female student got aggressive with the teacher in front of her classmates, even threw a desk phone towards her, but the educator demonstrated a calm demeanour, on Friday, Nov. 19.

A viral video shared by New York Post shows that the black teacher was making a phone call then the white school girl rushed up to the desk.

After looking at the desk phone’s screen, the angered student hit the teacher on the arm and blatantly hung up her call in front of the class.

“Deal with me,” the student said, staring at the teacher with her hands at the waist.

“Oh no, no, no, no,” the teacher replied. “You touched me. I did not touch you.”

The teacher decided to head into the hallway but returned to her desk immediately, intending to take the phone.

But the girl snatched the phone and threatened the teacher that she would call to her “momma,” saying, “You ain’t about to [expletive] me up, bitch!”

The teacher gestured to the class, indicating she had no idea what set the student off.

The girl then phoned her mother and made “racially charged” comments.

“I need you to get over here now because this teacher is about to get [expletive] up if she doesn’t get the [expletive] away from me,” the student told via the phone. “You want to talk to her because she’s black, and she’s [expletive] pissing me off right now.”

The student then threw the phone towards the teacher before storming out of the classroom.

The incident took place at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas.

In a tweet on Monday, Nov. 22, school district officials released a statement saying that they were “greatly disturbed” by the video showing the student becoming aggressive with the African American teacher, including attacking the teacher physically and making racially charged comments and threats.

“We first want to commend the teacher for the calm demeanor and utter professionalism she demonstrated throughout the entirety of the incident, even when the situation turned violent and offensive,” they wrote.

“We support this teacher and her response in the strongest terms possible,” they said. “Castleberry ISD will follow the law in allocating appropriate discipline.”

“Harassment, racism and violence against our teachers will not be tolerated at Castleberry ISD, and we will take swift and effective action to protect our teachers so that they can perform their duties and educate students in a safe environment,” the district added.

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