Were you a good student in your school? Were you ever punished by your teacher because of your low academic performance?

Scolding or punishment, to some degree, is acceptable when it comes to educating, but here and there we hear of stories about children being bullied by their teachers, as the video which, outraged millions of Internet users above.

The video showed an English teacher from a Russian school publicly humiliating an 8-year-old girl in front of her classmates. As can be seen from the video, the girl had no choice but to stand there and suffer the harassment.

The teacher became angrier and angrier. He started to poke the girl in the head and pushed her shoulder. And that’s when the girl got defensive and kicked the man in the groin.

Teachers should be role models for children, and those words such as “You are not good enough,” “stupid,” and “useless,” should not be used on children.

Bullying by teachers may cause some serious social and academic disorders. The student’s self-esteem gets seriously damaged, and it also affects their normal cognitive functioning and social interactions. 

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