After Americans lost tens of thousands of jobs due to the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline by President Joe Biden, it seems that they will also lose $15 billion to compensate for the damages caused. 

That is the amount that the Canadian company, TC Energy, announced that it is demanding from the Biden administration as compensation for the damages caused through a lawsuit, according to Daily Wire of July 5. 

The license authorizing the construction of the gigantic oil pipeline also linked Canada. Hence, TC Energy’s lawsuit is international and covered by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The company said that it “filed a Notice of Intent to initiate a legacy North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) claim under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to recover economic damages resulting from the revocation of the Keystone XL Project’s Presidential Permit.”

The estimated investment in the mega-project reached 8 billion dollars, would have an extension of 2,000 kilometers, and would be located between Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, and Steele City, Nebraska, United States.

This new legal action against Biden’s decision joins the one filed by 21 states, arguing that he had overstepped his functions and that only Congress was empowered to revoke the international permit. 

“The power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce belongs to Congress, not the President. This is another example of Joe Biden overstepping his constitutional authority to the detriment of Montanans,” said Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, a Republican.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the case, “Since his first day in office, President Biden has made it his mission to undo all the progress of the previous administration, with complete disregard for the Constitutional limits on his power,” according to the Daily Wire. 

The Biden administration ignored that the project’s cancellation eliminates more than 52,000 direct jobs and the additional jobs created by service-providing businesses and trades.

Nor did it appreciate that the operation of the pipeline was a matter of national security, given that it involved maintaining the total energy independence achieved by then-President Donald Trump.  

Biden holds in his agenda a big item called “Green New Deal,” and undoubtedly, this action is part of that objective, included in the globalist plans of the international left. 

Likewise, he adheres to the controversial Paris Climate Agreement, leaving aside the country’s energy and economic priorities. 

Criticism against Biden for the devastating impact he is subjecting Americans to was not long in coming from the various sectors affected. 

On the other hand, a high increase in energy costs is expected, directly harming American consumers.

In this context, Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.) condemned the measure and warned that it would be a possible catastrophe for citizens.

“This is going to have a direct effect on the pocketbooks of the American people, here, in the middle of a pandemic,” Daines said

He added: “(Biden’s action) reverses course and puts dependence back on the Middle East. That’s a terrible policy for our country. He seems to care more about workers in Saudi Arabia than workers in the United States.”

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