A suspect has been arrested in connection with four separate shootings in Ector County, Texas, that authorities were concerned had been committed by a serial shooter.

The first three shootings targeted drivers of disabled vehicles. A shooting happened soon after midnight Tuesday, Sept. 24, with another happening around 8 a.m. that day and another in the afternoon, KOSA reported.

In one of the incidents, a man was shot in the abdomen. He has since been treated and released from the area hospital. No one was injured in the other two cases.

On Thursday night, Sept. 26, at about 10:30 p.m., there was a fourth shooting with similar circumstances. The victim was found dead at the scene, WBRC reported.

Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis said the shootings all involved someone pulling up to a broken down vehicle and opening fire with a handgun, KWTX reported.

“Be vigilant, be aware of where you are,” Griffis said. “This guy could be targeting people that are in a vulnerable situation.”

“There have been different weapons used—and all appear to be from a handgun, but of different calibers. All of these incidents have been roadside related,” the sheriff said.

A suspect had been taken into custody on Friday night, Sept. 25, the Ector County Sheriff’s Office said.

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