Deputies in Laurel County, Kentucky, have arrested two women after they discovered a newborn child on the floor of a minivan following a traffic stop Tuesday evening, Aug. 13.

An arrest report said a deputy pulled over the minivan for traffic violations. The driver didn’t stop for another quarter mile.

The driver, Charlotte Simpson, 69, of London, had a warrant out for her arrest. She was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest. The passenger, Rebecca Fultz, 32, of London, also had a warrant for her arrest, deputies said. They struggled to remove her from the vehicle and placed hand restraints on the woman.

During the struggle with Fultz, deputies said they didn’t realize anyone else was in the vehicle

Ten minutes after Fultz was removed from the vehicle, Simpson told a deputy that there was a baby inside.

“We told them the baby was in there,” Simpson told WKYT from prison. “We were in the shade, and the windows were down. It was living. I mean, why in the world?”

Deputies searched the vehicle, but there wasn’t a child in the car seat. On a day when temperatures reached 90 degrees, the vehicle didn’t have a working air conditioner.

They eventually noticed a blanket between the two front seats on the van floor. A deputy removed the blanket and discovered 16-day old child inches from the center console. The newborn was Fultz’s son. He had ants on his face, and he was wearing a soiled diaper.

The child’s breathing was labored, and he had low oxygen levels. The child was taken to a local hospital, and one of the deputies, who was a former paramedic, drove the ambulance so the others could care for the child.

Fultz confirmed the child was on the floorboard, and she claimed that deputies are overstating the child’s condition in a jailhouse interview with WKYT.

“He just had a few heat bumps on him, but that was it,” Fultz said.

Fultz wouldn’t say why her newborn wasn’t in the car seat, but she claimed he was safe.

“I treated my son good. I’m a good mom. I never neglected him. I have always taken care of him. They told a bunch of lies,” Fultz said.

Deputies also found clothes with human feces on them, bags of trash and bugs inside the vehicle. There was also a large flat-screen TV inside the vehicle, which could’ve posed a hazard for the child.

“I think it was very fortunate that we were there to come to the rescue for that child,” Deputy Gilbert Acciardo said.

Both are charged with criminal abuse, and Fultz was also charged with menacing and resisting arrest. They were placed in the Laurel County Detention Center.

The newborn was treated for dehydration and was released to social services.

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