Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is about to announce his running mate, apparently chosen on the basis of race and gender, which renowned journalist Tucker Carlson finds insulting and illegal.

According to this reasoning, the three possible candidates nominated so far according to those parameters would be replaced by the former National Security Advisor, Democrat Susan Rice, who would constitute “a threat”, despite being intelligent, sharp-eyed and experienced, as considered by Carlson on Aug. 4, Fox News

For Carlson, Rice poses a threat because she could bring about international wars for the benefit of “people in Washington,” like herself, given her record during the unfortunate events with which she became involved during her tenure.

Biden’s campaign was expected to announce the vice-presidential candidate on Aug. 1, which it did not.

The uncertainty was heightened when Politico announced Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) as the nominee for the office on July 28, however, Politico’s vice president of marketing and communications, Brad Dayspring, offered an apology and a brief explanation of what happened to Fox News.

“The placeholder text was posted on the site by mistake,” Dayspring explained. “Our standard practice is to use ‘lorem ipsum’ as placeholder text. In this case, that didn’t happen. We regret the error and any confusion it caused.”

This explanation is understandable since it is a common practice for newspapers to draft texts in advance, to be published immediately after the results are known.

While the best-known candidates so far are Shan Stacey Abrams, a former gubernatorial candidate in Georgia; Karen Bass, a representative in the California Congress; and Senator Kamala Harris, Susan Rice also has been recognized for the position by writer Edward-Isaac Dovere, according to The Atlantic.

But for Dovere, Rice’s profile would be more suited to the job of secretary of defense or secretary of state.

South Carolina Congressman and House Majority Leader Jim Clyburn also seems to think that Rice would do well as vice president, alongside Biden.

“I don’t know if there is another African-American woman in the country, or any woman other than maybe Hillary Clinton, who has the attributes that she has in foreign policy,” Clyburn told Dovere.

Still, the risks that Carlson warns about with respect to Rice would become more relevant in the face of speculation that if Biden wins the presidential election his vice president would take over the White House.

This is because Biden would take office at the age of 78, in addition to the multiple allusions to the mental deterioration he would be suffering. Some remember that he suffered two surgeries due to aneurysms, and the polls also punish him in this regard.

For its part, a survey presented by Zogby Analytics found that most voters believe Joe Biden is potentially in the early stages of dementia.

“Most voters believe Biden is in the early stages of dementia; 60 percent of younger voters believe it; undecided voters are less likely to think Biden has dementia,” Zogby said June 17.