The Archbridge Institute published a survey on how Americans view the economy and prospects for the future and 74 percent of those surveyed said they have achieved or are close to achieving the American dream, referring to prosperity, the Washington Examiner reported. 

Although by American dream each group of people has a different perception or definition, in general terms it speaks of economic prosperity, a good family life, and possibilities for future generations.

Gonzalo Schwarz, the president and CEO of the Archbridge Institute, said, “Pessimistic projections about the American dream are a dime a dozen these days, but Americans still believe that it is alive and well. While the COVID-19 [CCP Virus] pandemic has certainly weighed on upward mobility, most people in the United States are hopeful and optimistic about living better and fuller lives, and that cuts across racial lines.”

The study yielded somewhat surprising results, with 55 percent of African Americans thinking they are better off than their parents. This figure is lower among Whites and Latinos.

“A majority of respondents think they have either more opportunities or about the same amount of opportunities as their parents had, and only a small minority—15%—believe they have fewer opportunities than their parents. It is interesting to highlight that blacks are the group that mostly reports to have either more opportunities than or the same opportunities as their parents, with the lowest percentage of people in that group, 11%, saying that they have fewer opportunities,” the poll stated.

Other data from the survey is that only 2% said that the American dream refers to freedom to choose how to live, while 81% associate it with a good family life. A small percentage, 13% think it means getting rich. 

Regarding the role of government, 55 percent said that the most important thing is for politicians to make sure that they provide equal opportunity for success. Only 24% thought that the government should ensure that there is no poverty and barely 19% said that the objective of public policies is to reduce income inequality.

Schwarz said, “Today’s Americans are generally better off than their parents were, and we can expect the next generation to be even more successful—not just in terms of personal wealth, but also self-fulfillment.”

The survey results of course take into account the current scenario of the CCP Virus pandemic and the opinions of the respondents also reflect that: 24% said they are not optimistic that they can improve from where they are today a figure higher than the 18% from last year.

While unemployment has hit the United States as hard as the rest of the world due to the pandemic, the U.S. economy has shown signs of recovery thanks to the economic policies of the Trump administration and the prospect of another 4 years under the leadership of Donald Trump, who has proven to be a good businessman, generates hope to continue with the American dream. 

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