Although President Trump asked the Supreme Court to answer an appeal against Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and others before Jan. 6, the date was set for Jan. 22, two days after the presidential inauguration.

For all practical purposes, this Supreme Court decision means that the appeal will not help tip the balance in favor of President Trump’s re-election. However, there are other resources available for this purpose. 

“Without expedited review, the petitioner’s appeal rights and the power of this court to resolve the important constitutional and legal issues presented for this election may be irrevocably lost,” wrote John Eastman, President Trump’s attorney in the case, according to the Dec. 23 Washington Examiner. 

He explained, “Because once the candidates have taken office, it will be impossible to repair election results tainted by illegal and late ballots or absentee and mail ballots.”

Nevertheless, Eastman hopes the court will expedite the case and move up the response date.

In the initial lawsuit, President Trump’s legal team argued a “strong likelihood” that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated the Constitution by encouraging the fraudulent election administration that was uncovered.

The Supreme Court has—in the past— ruled against petitions filed by lawyers who work hard to respect Americans’ electoral will.

The electoral process was severely affected by all the ploys to transfer votes from President Trump to the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. 

The Supreme Court rejected another lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) alleging similar crimes.

It also denied a case filed by the state of Texas challenging the possible unconstitutionality of electoral procedures followed in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.

“This petition follows a case involving Pennsylvania in which Justice Alito and two other judges observed ‘the constitutionality of the [Pennsylvania] Supreme Court’s decision [extending the statutory deadline for receipt of mail ballots from 8 pm on Election Day to 5 pm three days later] … is of national significance, and the State Supreme Court decision will most likely violate the Federal Constitution,” argued Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, according to Fox News.

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