A judiciary official received urgent medical attention after experiencing a respiratory ailment on March 18.

Clarence Thomas became hospitalized in the nation’s capital after reporting influenza-like symptoms.

The U.S. Supreme Court associate justice was thoroughly tested for coronavirus and other diseases at Sibley Memorial Hospital, 5 miles northwest of downtown Washington.

“He underwent tests, was diagnosed with an infection, and is being treated with intravenous antibiotics,” a court representative said in a statement.

Primary health care professionals will continue to monitor Thomas’s condition for at least another 24 hours.

“His symptoms are abating, he is resting comfortably, and he expects to be released from the hospital in a day or two,” the court representative said.

Even though the associate justice will be held for observation, he insisted on working remotely from his hospital bed.

“Justice Thomas will participate in the consideration and discussion of any cases for which he is not present on the basis of the briefs, transcripts, and audio of the oral arguments,” the court representative said.

Wife Virginia Thomas earlier declared she attended the 2021 “Stop the Steal” rally. She described the subsequent Capitol riots as a shocking experience.

“I was disappointed and frustrated that there was violence that happened following a peaceful gathering of Trump supporters on the Ellipse on January 6,” she previously said.

She believes Donald Trump was entirely within his rights to question the 2020 election outcome.

“There are important and legitimate substantive questions about achieving goals like electoral integrity, racial equality, and political accountability that a democratic system like ours needs to be able to discuss and debate rationally in the political square,” she said. “I fear we are losing that ability.”

Virginia claimed she only briefly attended the rally before feeling cold and returning home.

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