Visitors to New York City’s Summit One Vanderbilt attraction, a sky-high observation deck with mirrored floors, are encouraged to enjoy all its glass ceilings, floors, and walls, but they had to introduce a dress code—don’t wear a skirt.

There is a note in the small print saying: “Guests who are concerned about any unwanted exposure as a result of the mirrored floors and ceilings are responsible for dressing in a manner to avoid such exposure.”

However, people who enjoy having their underwear projected onto reflective surfaces might receive a cheap thrill because it’s only a recommendation.

As New York Post reported, most of those who attended the Summit’s opening afternoon followed the guidelines. The majority of the crowd, who spent between $39 and $73 for tickets, chose safe options like leggings and jeans to prevent any potential embarrassment.

The Summit One Vanderbilt, which opened on Thursday, is located in a new 1,401-foot tower. The “Air” exhibit has skyline views and reflective, mirrored floors, and there are three exhibits on three different floors.

“Due to the nature of the space and presence of reflective and transparent flooring materials, we recommend wearing pants, shorts, or tights to enjoy the full SUMMIT experience. For guests uncomfortable walking on reflective surfaces, we do offer a non-reflective privacy path throughout the space,” the suggestion on the website read.

The Summit told USA TODAY that people who have not read the advisory could get free black shorts. However, guests who wish to receive complimentary black shorts must request them when they arrive.

According to Kenzo Digital, the creator of the Summit, the Air display was designed to “awaken” guests’ senses and transform their “relation to physical space.”

“We’ve created a work that brings innovative storytelling to the best view in New York City – taking the Summit observation deck canvas and elevating it into a transcendent and euphoric experience,” Kenzo Digital’s website stated.

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