During a meeting between Israeli government officials with U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Israel again expressed its total rejection of the Biden administration’s intentions to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal abandoned by former President Trump in 2018. 

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi flew with his entourage to Washington this week to meet with U.S. government security officials, in the first trip by an Israeli minister following the recent election that saw new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett win, News Max reported.

On Wednesday, Kochavi met with national security adviser Jake Sullivan and other senior U.S. defense officials. During the meeting, he warned of the “failures of the current nuclear deal.” He tried to persuade the U.S. government to explore alternatives to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, other than re-entering the agreement.

“Throughout the day, the chief of staff has presented possible ways to prevent Iran from obtaining military nuclear capabilities during their meetings,” the Israeli military said in a statement.

The meeting between officials from the two countries came as the U.S. and Iran, through intermediaries, have been negotiating a mutual return to the 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The United States, under President Trump, abandoned the controversial deal in 2018 and added a severe sanctions regime against Iran, accusing it of not complying with the guidelines set out under the agreement putting both the security of the United States and the entire world at risk. 

Iran continued to enrich more uranium and to higher levels of purity than allowed, moving ever closer to the levels needed for nuclear weapons production.

Israel’s government concerns also increased when news emerged last week that Iranian officials claimed the U.S. had agreed in principle to remove more than 1,000 sanctions on officials and companies associated with the Islamic Republic’s oil and maritime sectors that had been implemented under Trump.

Critics, including those in Israel, say that once the U.S. eases existing sanctions against Iran, the regime in Tehran will no longer have an incentive to negotiate. Consequently, they will be free to act freely in pursuit of fulfilling their terrorist agenda.

Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee are investigating the Biden administration and seeking explanations for lifting sanctions last week against the terrorist state of Iran without first consulting Congress, a decision they say was intended to circumvent oversight, The Federal List reported.

It should be noted that Israel’s concern in this regard lies in the fact that the Iranian regime is the major financier of many terrorist cells in the world that aim to target the Jewish people. Such is the case of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, with whom to this day they maintain an open and latent front of conflict. 

Despite Israel’s attempts to persuade the Biden administration to abandon its intentions to retake the agreement and take pressure off Iran, members of the White House have stated that they are unwilling to change their plans, according to timely Israeli media reports

In addition to discussing Iran’s nuclear program, during the last meeting, Kochavi mentioned to Sullivan that another round of conflict in the Gaza Strip was only a matter of time, following the bloody 11-day battle with terrorist groups in the Palestinian enclave last month.

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