In an interview with Fox News, Former teacher Carol Swain said that parent groups across the United States are organizing to combat the problematic “critical race theory” in the classroom, which “indoctrinates children” based on leftist ideologies.

According to renowned former teacher Swain, people across the country reject critical race theory, and parents are organizing to confront the leftist assault in the classroom. Swain applauded the parent groups’ initiative and encouraged them to continue to join:

“I would encourage whistleblowers to step forward with your information because what is taking place is very dangerous. It is creating a hostile environment for students, as well as teachers and administrators and I know from firsthand experience that if you are in an environment that feels hostile, you cannot be your best self.”  

Swain’s message comes after it emerged that numerous new parent groups are springing up, some in small counties and others more extensive and more far-reaching, aiming to put a limit on the leftist, anti-American advance in the education of children and teens. 

In late February, a new organization was launched with federal outreach to “empower” parents to fight against “woke indoctrination” in school education.

The nonprofit association was named Parents Defending Education (PDE) and expresses its goal of holding officials accountable for politicizing classrooms.

“PDE empowers parents by educating them on their children’s rights in the classrooms, how to document abuses and extremism, and how they can begin exercising influence and oversight with their school,” reads a press release.

PDE states to focus primarily on training parents on properly confronting schools and officials who seek to violate their parental rights and traditions. And to generate real consequences against indoctrination and radicalism in the classroom by intelligently utilizing the media, school boards, and other existing oversight bodies.

Regarding critical race theory, Swain argues that what its promoters are doing is “pure indoctrination.” He asserts, “It’s not trying to teach young people how to think. In fact, it is teaching the opposite, because if they have questions, and the questions are not ‘politically correct,’ then they run the risk of getting into serious trouble.” 

The experienced teacher insists that the theory aims to generate an anti-American environment from the youngest children, based on a problem that, although she considers non-existent, can generate the opposite effect in the future. 

“We are doing that under the guise of educational equity and it’s very harmful to minority children because it teaches them that they’re victims. And it also breaks up relationships that they have. The critical race theory will come into environments where there are no serious problems and when they get there, they create problems.” 

Critical theory also affects teachers who are often forced to train on issues they are not interested in or sound ridiculous, such as what happened in February in Oregon, when the Department of Education called for teachers to sign up for training in “ethnomathematics,” an absurd assumption that math is racist and promotes white supremacy.

At the time, Swain told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham that certain curricula “put forward by Black Lives Matter and adopted in too many places are really destructive to the black community and the black family and racial justice.”

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