Renowned conservative journalist Alex Marlow’s new book, Breaking the News: Exposing Hidden Media Deals and Secret Corruption, reveals strong financial ties between billionaires known for advocating pro-amnesty policies for illegal immigrants in the United States. 

After an extensive research process, Marlow recounts in detail in his new book the financial connections between billionaire shareholders and the NY Times. These connections clearly explain the pro-amnesty coverage by the media that accompanies the leftist agenda that the United States is pursuing with the new immigration policies.

Specifically, the book points to the timeline in which well-known Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú became a Times shareholder at the same time he and the newspaper lobbied lawmakers to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens.

“Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú loaned the New York Times Company $250 million in 2009. Slim doubled his stake to 16.8 percent in 2015, making him the company’s largest shareholder,” reads one of the book’s excerpts.

According to Forbes magazine, the story goes on to open the question as to why Slim, being a telecommunications magnate and one of the richest men in the world, would be interested in getting involved in the NY Times.

As the book explains in detail, the answer is none other than Slim’s deep interest in the United States promoting an open borders strategy and granting amnesty to all illegal immigrants. 

Curiously, since Slim’s arrival at the Times, the newspaper has not disguised its pressure to impose the controversial amnesty. 

Just as an example, to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants, New York Times editors in 2017 wrote an article directed at Republican members of Congress and the Trump Administration, stating that a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is the only viable option for the then GOP-led Congress. 

The article reads, “Barring that form of comprehensive reform, American taxpayers will continue to fund a costly and ruthless crackdown on immigrants for years and years to come. Meanwhile, employers will continue to quietly reap the benefits of immigrant labor while looking the other way.” 

However, in the following years, then President Trump was able to show them that there is another alternative, which is to block the entry of new illegal immigrants, expel from the country those illegals who also commit crimes, and generate a regulated and orderly policy of new entrants. 

Slim’s initiative to drive mass migration to the U.S. has been so aggressive that even in 2014, he encouraged young people from Mexico to flee the country in search of former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows young illegal aliens to remain in the country. The U.S. relied heavily on Slim’s support as the program was developed and implemented.

The Times’ recommendations, funded by billionaires like Slim, who follow and promote the leftist globalist agenda, are largely being implemented today under the Biden administration, and the results are catastrophic. 

The borders are collapsed, and thousands of illegal migrants per day are entering the country, evading the authorities. Many, many criminals are hiding, drug trafficking and human trafficking is expanding. 

Marlow’s book also highlights major links between Big Tech, Slim, the Times and the Democratic Party establishment. All of which would be strongly united with common objectives linked to leftist politics in pursuit of a globalist “new world society” dominated by a small organized elite.

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