A single dad’s request for Christmas cards for his disabled son, who suffers from a severe form of autism, has led to strangers sending more than 10,000 in the mail and counting.

Marty Mendoza, of Belton, Texas, has cared for his son, Marty Jr., for over 30 years alone. Mendoza said his adult son is nonverbal and suffers from seizures.

In a post on “Kids With Special Needs” Facebook page, Mendoza shared his family’s story and said Marty Jr. has “never really had a Christmas” because they live on a “very very tight budget.”

Mendoza asked for people to send his 33-year-old son Christmas cards to brighten up his holiday and show him “he’s not lost in this world.”

“I’ve been his mom and dad for almost 30 years,” Mendoza told KCEN-TV. “My ex-wife, when he was born, she up and left when he was about 2 years old.”

The viral post has been shared more than 27,000 times and led to Mendoza and his son receiving thousands of Christmas cards and packages from around the world. The father guessed they have received “probably over 10,000.”

“Just for him to open up something and see his eyes light up like he did when he saw Santa Claus. That would just mean the world to me, to be honest,” Mendoza told the station.

Anyone who would like to send a Christmas card, a letter, or a gift can do so at the following address:

Marty Mendoza, Jr.
419 West Avenue C
Belton, TX 76513