A new study conducted for the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity in May revealed a startling statistic that 42% of all the CCP Virus (coronavirus) deaths have taken place in nursing homes and assisted living facilities that house 0.6% of the U.S. population.

According to the Forbes, 42% could be an undercount because some states like New York did not count those who were originally infected in a long-term care facility but later died in a hospital.

As reported the Breitbart News, Minnesota has the highest percentage of CCP Virus deaths (81%) from nursing home patients, and four other states that have virus deaths from nursing home patients greater than 70% were: New Hampshire (77%), Rhode Island (77%), Nebraska (71%), and Pennsylvania (71%).

However, states like New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Michigan have ordered nursing homes to admit CCP Virus patients after they were discharged from hospitals.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, with New York leading the nation with the most reported CCP Virus cases and deaths, issued an order on March 25 requiring nursing homes to take in CCP Virus patients. In early May, the order was deleted from the state health department website as criticism over the state’s nursing home fatalities intensified, according to Fox News.

Cuomo then issued a new directive, stating that hospitals cannot send patients back to nursing homes in the state unless they tested negative for the virus. Last week he shifted blame on President Donald Trump and his administration.

“New York followed the president’s agencies’ guidance,” Cuomo said during his press conference. “What New York did was follow what the Republican administration said to do. That’s not my attempt to politicize it. It’s my attempt to depoliticize it. So don’t criticize the state for following the president’s policy.” 

Cuomo also signed legislation last month granting hospital and nursing home executives immunity from lawsuits related to the CCP Virus. He has recently been under scrutiny after a report revealed that he received a big donation from a powerful health care industry group that lobbies for hospital systems, some of which own nursing homes, in 2018 in his bid to win New York’s Democratic primary.

A report from The Associated Press found that more than 4,300 CCP Virus elderly patients discharged from hospitals were sent to vulnerable nursing homes in New York.