The defeated Georgian governor candidate claimed Republicans use the suppression of voters to win elections in a multicultural society.

Stacey Abrams said that voter suppression is an effort to prevent people who disagree with the current government from having an impact on the formation of a new power structure.

She further claimed that Former President Trump is the most vivid example for voter suppression, following this idea that the Republican Party is fighting for the opposite of what America truly is, “a demographically diverse nation.”

According to All In: The movie “The Fight for Democracy” supports Abrams through her ultimately unsuccessful bid for Georgian governorship and her campaigning attempts around the voter fraud accusations. It became one of a few selected for Oscar eligibility in the category of documentary features.

Barrack Obama’s “American Factory,”  the tale of how an abandoned factory in Ohio came into the possession of a Chinese billionaire, was the 2020 winner. 

Abrams urged the importance of voting by mail with Deadline. 

She claims that democracy in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi is not meted uniformly despite similar populations in each state.

While expressing that democracy must remain unified between states, Abrams also suggested employing some right-size measurements to ensure more consistency. 

In regard to her previous Georgia rival Brian Kemp (R), the governor who had a notorious quarrel with Donald Trump over the 2020 election result, she mentioned the fable where a scorpion asks for a ride on the back of a frog and said that its not smart move be with “someone like that,” in the interview with Deadline. 

In her latest interview for Variety, America is dubbed as a nation of racism and bigotry. In her words, both are the diseases that creep through the entire nation.


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