The St. Louis couple, who defended their home against protesters and after had their guns confiscated by local police, on Monday, July 13, said that they expected to be “indicted shortly.”

Mark and Patricia McCloskey made headlines in late June when they took up an M16A2 rifle and a small handgun to defend their home as demonstrators broke through a private gate. Law enforcement executed a search warrant Friday and seized the couple’s M16 rifle, and later their pistol.

McCloskey said the officers were “very nice” and “doing their job” which was ordered by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner (D) who claimed that the couple defending their home was a “violent assault,” reported the Daily Wire.

“My attorney advised me not to be on the show tonight because the rumor is that we are going to be indicted shortly,” McCloskey said. “Having said that, this is the same circuit attorney that released 35 of the protesters that torched and looted in downtown St. Louis, but now she wants to indict me. I didn’t shoot anybody. I just held my ground, protecting my house, and I’m sitting here on television tonight instead of dead or putting out the smoldering embers of my home.”

Mark McCloskey says that he believes that he and his wife are going to be “indicted shortly.”
— (((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio (@jasonrantz) July 14, 2020.

Al Watkins, the couple’s lawyer, said the gun was “inoperable” well before Patricia McCloskey pointed it at protesters, and she knew it was inoperable. Still, there were some potential legal issues with the way she held the weapon. Watkins later withdrew from representing the couple because he said his decision to hold their handgun in his office had made him a potential witness in any court case.

A dozen GOP lawmakers have written to Attorney General William Barr, urging to protect the Second Amendment rights.

According to Fox News, they said the decision to confiscate the family’s guns could have a “chilling effect” on all Americans.

“At this crucial time in history, our nation needs the Department of Justice to exert strong leadership to ensure that none of our constitutional protections are eroded by mob rule,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter. “Charges against this couple will have a chilling effect on the entire nation, sending the message that American citizens no longer have the right to protect themselves at their own homes.”

Twelve Republicans who signed the letter were Reps. Louis Gohmert and Brian Babin of Texas, Paul Gozar of Arizona, Andy Harris of Maryland, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Greg Steube of Florida, Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Ted Budd of North Carolina, Steve Watkins of Kansas, Steve King of Iowa, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, and Jody Hice of Georgia, according to Fox.ylvania, and Jody Hice of Georgia, according to Fox.