Rashida Tlaib, a far-left Democrat, in an interview published this week urged the federal government and her colleagues in Congress to push for a defunding of the Department of Homeland Security and its immigration agencies, which are key in this time of immigration crisis and border-collapse.

The representative’s remarks were made on Tuesday, July 6, during an interview with Julie Mao of Just Futures Law, where she was very clear and decisive in her position that “the United States must stop funding the offices of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).”

Tlaib had already generated controversy in the past for posting comments along these lines, such as when in September 2021 she fired off a tweet that read simply “Abolish ICE.” But now she was extremely clear in her narrative, which is exacerbated by the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border driven by the Biden administration’s policies of border flexibility.

In this context, it is precisely the offices of CBP and ICE, together with the State Department, that is in charge of curbing and controlling the situation in the best possible way to prevent the chaos from spreading and affecting the rest of the country. 

These institutions are not doing enough, often due to a shortage of personnel and resources. This is why Tlaib’s comments are criticized and accused of being destabilizing.

Tlaib, a key member of the so-called “Democrat Squad,” attempted to argue by saying:

“Time after time we have seen it as advocates on the ground, as human services agencies on the ground continue to see over and over again, that these agencies are inept to humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system and instead they further continue to terrorize migrant communities located within our communities.”

Tlaib particularly rejected President Biden’s initiative to increase investment in border technology for CBP. This includes $665 million in investments to modernize land ports of entry and $47 million to invest in detection capabilities in addition to investments in border surveillance technology.

In this regard, Tlaib assured that she and “many Democrats in Congress” radically reject the initiative. According to her comments, this type of technology represents a simple “name change in militarization” and would generate a kind of “very inhumane treatment of our immigrant neighbors.”

The representative went even further with her comments when she asserted, without substantiating such a claim, that applying new technologies at the border could “violate the human rights of our communities.”

Finally, she asserted that new technologies will not make the U.S. more secure, and instead said that lawmakers should focus on comprehensive immigration reform, whose proposals often include a large-scale amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country.

As for national security, it is worth noting that despite Rep. Tlaib’s comments, the Biden administration is under heavy fire for submitting a defense budget for the 2022 cycle that was described as “disappointing” because of deep cuts to the U.S. military and consequently to national security. 

In a joint statement, several Republican senators criticized the budget presented by Biden in Congress. The accusations center on prioritizing billions in spending on a “liberal wish list” instead of providing funding for the U.S. military.

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