A murder suspect also wanted in connection with an attack on a police officer, slammed into a semi-truck Tuesday evening, April 6, after a chase that spanned several counties in Southern California, from San Diego to Riverside, and finally LA County, before crashing—thanks to a big rig driver.

According to FOX 11 of Los Angeles, the man is accused of attacking a Riverside County Sheriff’s department officer as authorities attempted to make contact with him.
The suspect, identified as Michael Caleb Reed, 35, was wanted for a deadly shooting incident in Oildale, according to NBCLA’s Bakersfield sister station, KGET. Reed was captured in Pomona and arrested for the murder of 40-year-old Michael Lewis.

KGET reported that Reed has an extensive criminal background that included robbery, theft, rape, weapons storage, and DUI arrests. After a chase in the Bay Area last year that resulted in an injury to a Eureka police officer Reed had also been apprehended.

The latest pursuit started at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the San Diego region and continued north on the 215 Freeway to Riverside County.

During the pursuit, the suspect driver reached speeds of over 90 mph on Highway 60, driving on the wrong side of the road, almost hit multiple cars, and swerved on the pavement at one point, according to NBC  Los Angeles.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s department had been checking the region earlier in the day for the murder suspect. When officers attempted to approach the suspect, he assaulted one of them and fled in a pickup truck, resulting in a chase.

The police afterward followed the suspect on a high-speed pursuit through Riverside County and into the East San Gabriel district.
About 6:20 p.m., the driver was driving on the opposite side of the road on Indian Hill Boulevard when he swerved near a lorry driver, causing a collision between a lorry and a sedan, and then continuing his dangerous journey.

The driver also raced into a 99 Cents Store parking lot, almost colliding with another vehicle before leaving and accelerating at 70 mph on the highway.
Officials said that the driver dropped off a few passengers during the pursuit before continuing his erratic journey.
During the escape, the driver tried to throw items or documents out of the car multiple times.

According to the video, the pursuit came to an end about 7 p.m. in Pomona, Ontario, when the attacker changed lanes onto the opposite side of the road and connected with the front end of the big rig from the side while the truck driver was taking a big right.

Ahmed Shabaan, the big rig truck owner, told NBCLA that he attempted to stop the risky chase by disrupting the pickup truck’s course. Shabaan said he knew a murder suspect was involved in the pursuit, so he tracked down the driver and set up the big rig truck near a junction in Pomona city so the suspect’s pickup truck would be stopped by the enormous vehicle.

“I just thought to get him off the street,” Shabaan explained. “If I didn’t, and [officers] have been behind him for that long and didn’t stop him… I have the power.”

After being detained, Reed was transported to  hospital under police guard.

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