Although the vote counts have not been completed and the Electoral College has not even voted yet, Democratic presidential candidate,Joe Biden, acts as if he were the president-elect, so he organized a task force, in charge of the supposed transition.

Also on that task force are several members of the organizations of international speculator George Soros, who invested more than $70 million in the campaign, according to The Washington Free Beacon of Nov. 11. 

Members of Soros’s organizations would participate in the State Department, the United States Mission to the United Nations, and the Office of Consumer Financial Protection.

Those roles would be filled, in theory, by Sarah Cross, director of advocacy for the Soros Open Society Foundations, Michael Pan, a special advisor in the Soros executive office, and Diane Thompson, a member of the Soros governing board, respectively.

During the Obama administration there were also members of Soros organizations with free access to it.

In addition, two other members of the transition team belong to the New America think tank, which also receives money from Soros. Its board of directors includes Soros’ son, Jonathan.

Six more transition officers belong to the John Podesta Center for American Progress, which received $1 million from Soros last year. 

These were distributed to the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Labor, the Department of the Interior, the National Security Council and the Office of the United States Trade Representative, according to The Washington Free Beacon. 

Five more people linked to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Roosevelt Institute, who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from Soros organizations, also passed on to the transition team. 

On the other hand, Soros would have had a strong hand in the U.S. elections through the Alliance for Democracy, of which Soros is a co-founder.

This organization set up a budget of $275 million to invest against President Donald Trump in the elections. 

Soros’ involvement in the presidential campaign is so profound that Dr. Frank Wright, columnist, President and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries, wrote: “George Soros is trying to steal the election,” quoting author Richard Poe.

Wright added that Soros “has a whole crack team of experts, the top experts in the world. … And they are absolutely trying to steal this election,” Townhall published on Nov. 1.

This is how you can infer the direction that a Democratic-led administration, with Joe Biden at the helm, might take. 

Recently, the president of the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement also demanded that Biden reward the group, since according to her some 60 million votes were motivated by the group’s political activism.

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