Socialism might sound ideal to many young Americans who have been attracted by promises they have been given that may sound noble, but the reality is far from their ideals. Speak to those who have experienced the horrors under the rule of communism, and you will get a very different picture to the one socialist Democrats paint for you.

Why are young Americans oblivious to the pitfalls of communism and socialism? One reason is the lack of knowledge, not knowing the history behind it. Wherever communism or socialism has taken over, it has brought nothing but poverty and misery, and we must learn from those history lessons.

During the last century, communist regimes worldwide were responsible for more than 100 million deaths, brought about by man-made famines, gulags, thought police, and mass arrests, as tabled in “The Black Book of Communism.” Eastern Europe kept people prisoners, by building the Berlin Wall, and the Iron Curtain prevented citizens from fleeing.

National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien delivered  remarks on June 24, 2020, in Phoenix, Arizona, and he mentioned how the United States has woken up to the Chinese Communist Party threat that is real for Americans.

“Let us be clear, the Chinese Communist Party is a Marxist-Leninist organization. The Party General Secretary Xi Jinping sees himself as Josef Stalin’s successor,” said O’Brien. “In fact, as the journalist and former Australian government official John Garnaut has noted, the Chinese Communist Party is the last ‘ruling communist party that never split with Stalin, with the partial exception of North Korea.’ Yes, Stalin—the man whose brutal dictatorship and disastrous policies killed roughly 20 million Russians and others through famine, forced collectivization, executions, and labor camps. As interpreted and practiced by Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, communism is a totalitarian ideology,” he said.

One U.S. citizen who has told her story of the horrors she experienced in a concentration camp when living in China is Jennifer Zeng. The picture she paints of communism is far from rosy, as Jennifer said in her speech at the Heritage Foundation on Oct. 4., 2019.

“Equality sounds so good,” said Zeng, “Everybody has a fair share of everything.” When the CCP took over power in 1949, Zeng explained, it confiscated all the land from all the landlords in the entire country, and called it “collective ownership.” In theory, Zeng said that the land and factories are “commonly owned by all the people, but in practice, it is the powerful few at the top, ‘less than one percent’ said Zeng, who control 90 percent of the country’s wealth.

“Socialism is definitely a scam,” said Zeng, who grew up under the banner of communism.

In 1987, at age 21 when Zeng was a university student, she believed the CCP was the savior of China, something she and all other students had been taught since they were toddlers. Zeng applied to join the Party and was accepted. She had her first child in 1992, and later when she became pregnant with her second child she had to suffer a forced abortion under the Party’s “one-child rule.”

“I had no choice,” said Zeng, who then suffered blood loss and complications from the surgery, and was unable to raise her first child. Following a blood transfusion, it was discovered she had contracted Hepatitis C.

“As a result, my health was totally ruined. I laid in the hospital for years, without being able to work, or to look after my daughter. I couldn’t even witness her growing up, as I was in the hospital alone, separated from her,” said Zeng.

Zeng began practicing Falun Gong in 1997, which helped her to overcome her injuries. “After practicing Falun Gong for only one month, I found all my health problems had gone. I was full of vitality and happiness. I had finally found the purpose for my life. I felt like a new person having been reborn,” said Zeng.

However, the CCP didn’t accept the spiritual practice, and in July 1999, it launched an overwhelming crackdown on Falun Gong, with mass arrests, beatings and torture, and murder becoming normal and it had begun to profit from the horrors it instigated, be forcibly removing Falun Gong practitioners organs for the illegal transplant trade.

On April 13, 2000, while Zeng was sleeping, police broke into her home and dragged her off to the police station. When she asked the officers why she had been arrested, they replied, “Because of your thought.”


Jennifer Zeng
New York human rights author Jennifer Zeng in New York, on Jan. 20, 2018. (Courtesy Jennifer’s World website)

Zeng was then imprisoned and brutally tortured.

“Not only many politicians are making socialism sound so sweet, but the majority of young Americans are attracted by it,” said Zeng.

In China, the CCP controls everything, therefore it can make all the rules, said Zeng. It has the power to take away citizens’ liberty, property, dignity, and persecute them as it sees fit.

Zeng said since the CCP came into power 70 years ago, more than “half of the population has been persecuted one way or the other, with more than 8 million losing their lives from unnatural causes.”

Zeng was thrown into prison four times, then sent to a labor camp, “for simply practicing Falun Gong, which is only a mind-body-spirit practice,” she said.

“The labor camp felt like entering right into hell,” she said. On the first day she was forced to squat, along with others, with hand clasped behind their heads, for 15 hours in the baking sun. If anyone was unable to endure, or fainted, they were shocked with electric batons.

On the second day, Zeng was dragged from a cell and thrown to the ground in the courtyard, where two electric batons were continuously used on her until she lost consciousness.

“Every day was a struggle between life and death,” an emotional Zeng recounted. Not only were the Falun Gong practitioners tortured physically and mentally, but they were forced to do endless hard slave labor.

All the products they made, Zeng said were exported to other countries, including the United States.

Blood samples were taken from the detainees, along with getting repeated physical examination. This information was stored in the computer system, and the unfortunate one who was a match for an organ recipient would be killed on demand for their organs.

This is not a plot in a horror novel or Hollywood movie, said Zeng, “but a real and heinous crime.” The number of innocent people killed for their organs in this way “could be millions,” said Zeng, adding that these are “the reality of socialism.”
“Socialists promise heaven on earth, but always end up giving you a one-way ticket to hell,” added Zeng.

In America, politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) consider socialist policies to be solutions to fix the nation’s problems such as the lack of health care for everyone, also as a way to stop the growing political influence of the “top 1 percent.” President Trump decries socialism and says it leads inexorably to tyranny and poverty.

“Biden is a Trojan horse for socialism,” the president said, during his speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention. He added that his Democratic rival did not have “the strength to stand up to wild-eyed Marxists.”

The president concluded that the election in November will come down to a choice between socialism in America, where political correctness overrides everything, with looting and crime controlling communities, where the mob rules, versus a country that has police empowerment, helping protect citizens and prevent or end the lawlessness.

The November election may go down in history as the most crucial election ever.

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