A quick-thinking four-year-old boy dialed 911 to save himself and six other children while his mother left all of them in the car while shopping in Maryland.

The children aged from two to four were waiting for at least 20 minutes in the car outside a Charles County mall.

The car doors were unlocked, the windows were rolled up, and the kids were instructed not to exit the vehicle.

The temperature reached 80°F (Fahrenheit). As the temperature inside rose, the children became increasingly uncomfortable.

The 4-year-old finally discovered a phone that had been left behind in the car and called 911 for assistance. He provided the operator with a description of the location as he didn’t know where they were.

The authorities were able to locate the position of the shopping center via GPS technology and other technical approaches. According to Parenting Isn’t Easy, the county police, fire department, and EMF responders rushed to the scene.

They got the “scared” and “sweaty” children out of the car and gave them basic treatment.

There was just one car seat in the vehicle, which was another violation, authorities said. Fortunately, none of the children were in bad health or needed hospitalization.

The unidentified mother, 37, went back to the parking lot ten minutes later. She said she put two children and the five others she was babysitting alone in the car to “get some shopping done” at St. Charles Town Center.

She did not respond after being asked why she left all seven children in the car. She was subsequently detained for Child Confinement in a Vehicle and failing to comply with the car seat law.

“It is against the law to leave a child under the age of 8 unattended inside a motor vehicle if the caregiver is out of sight of the child unless a reliable person at least 13-years-old remains with the child,” the Charles County Sheriff’s Office said according to the Little Things.

“It is also dangerous to leave anyone, including pets, inside a motor vehicle especially as outside temperatures become warmer. The temperature inside a parked car can quickly rise to extremely high and even fatal levels in a short period of time”, the Sheriff’s Office added.

According to the National Safety Council, a heat of 80 degrees outdoors takes only ten minutes to reach 99 degrees inside the car. It climbs to another ten degrees in ten minutes, which can be lethal to children and pets.

It is unsafe to leave children or pets alone in a hot car with the windows rolled up. Cars turn into ovens in the heat, and children and pets are considerably more vulnerable to the heat than adults.

More children died in 2018 than in any of the prior 21 years due to being left in hot automobiles.

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