After drugging and killing her toddler, a Pennsylvania mom will spend the next 25 to 50 years behind bars.

NBC Philadelphia reported that on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 43-year-old Jennifer Clarey did not plead in court for the murder of her 2-year-old child, Mazikeen Curtis. Clarey was convicted of killing and endangering children in the third degree.

“You were there to protect this child, and instead, you were so reckless and thoughtless and selfish as to take this child’s life before he ever had a chance to explore everything that life has to offer,” Bucks County Court Judge Clyde W. Waite said.

Officials discovered Clarey and Mazikeen on Aug. 25 at their home in Tullytown off Lovett Avenue. While Clarey was lying on her wrists in a blood-covered bed, Makizeen was discovered to be unresponsive. A police report showed that his body was cold.

Jennifer Clarey (Police Handout)

“The child showed no signs of life, was stiff and cold to the touch,” the complaint stated.

Authorities arrived at the home after a social worker contacted the police for the boy’s concern and after reports of an “acting erratic” intoxicated Clarey. While inside, police discovered an empty bottle of Vicodin, prescribed to Clarey. They also discovered an empty Benadryl children’s bottle.

An autopsy report disclosed that Mazikeen had in his system toxic concentrations of both drugs.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, police said Clarey had both significant depressive and bipolar disorders. She hadn’t worked in the past 20 years prior to her son’s death after injuring her neck in a car accident.

Clarey’s income came from disability payments at the moment of the incident. Authorities said she was close to being evicted from her apartment.

Clarey remained three weeks after the incident in the hospital. Ultimately, she was detained and charged.

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub stated that her son had been maliciously murdered by Clarey and that Mazikeen had been dead for several hours before assistance came. His reasoning helped to upgrade Clarey’s charges from negligent murder to assassination.

“I believe it was certainly a killing with malice, which would make it murder,” Weintraub said last year, pushing for murder charges, “Plain and simple, this was a murder.”

The defendant declined to speak after hearing her sentence. The boy’s father, who attended the court hearing, also declined to speak.

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