A single mother in Memphis, Tennessee, is facing eviction, as she is unable to find a job while her bills keep piling up.

Jessica Sumlin’s was just laid off days before Christmas and her story is similar to the hundreds of families across the mid-South, as several companies have announced layoffs ahead of the new year.

However, Sumlin has no family to help her.

“If I had family to go to—like immediate family—I’d go and ask them, but I don’t have any immediate family,” Sumlin said. “It’s just me and my kids.”

The mother of 11 children has had no luck finding a job.

“I’ve been filling out job applications, going places and everything is just piling up,” Sumlin said.

Sumlin had worked at Taco Bell for some 12 years, before ultimately resigning because she had a high-risk pregnancy, according to Fox13Memphis.

Although Sumlin found a temporary job in November 2019, just five days before Christmas she discovered she was laid off, after her badge to enter the gate didn’t work.

“I went to work that day and I didn’t know I was let go,” Sumlin said. “When I had got to the gate, my badge didn’t work, and I was wondering why my badge didn’t work.”

Sumlin believes that her lack of transportation, which made it hard for her to get to her job, was the reason for her being laid off.

According to the report, she also spent about $20 a day for Uber.

Despite the rough situation, Sumlin remains hopeful that a door will open somewhere for herself and her children.

“I want to continue putting in applications,” Sumlin said. “Continue interviews. Hopefully lord willing I find a job real soon and keep trying to do for my kids.”


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