In a joint statement released on April 8, Sidney Powell, a high-profile former Trump lawyer, and several other attorneys said that Gov. Tony Evers’ (D-Wis.) requests for sanctions in an election-related lawsuit are invalid since the case was excluded months earlier.

Evers sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines against former President Trump and La Crosse County Republican Party Chairman William Feehan, claiming that their lawsuits questioning the state’s presidential election results were baseless.

On Wednesday, Evers’ lawyers submitted court papers in Milwaukee federal court, requesting legal fees from two separate lawsuits from the Trump campaign and Feehan. 

Evers requested $145,174 legal fees from one suit filed by the Trump campaign, alleging that the state election officials likely tainted over 50,000 ballots in the state. The suit was dismissed in early December. 

Evers sought $106,780 from Feehan’s lawsuit in a separate case that argued election workers tampered with ballots during the election and voting machines shifted votes to then-candidate Joe Biden.

Along with several other lawyers, Powell stated that Evers’ request is meaningless since the suits were rejected months ago.

The statement said that “two months have passed since the Seventh Circuit found this case moot and remanded it with instructions to vacate this Court’s prior decision.”

Evers “did not make any application for sanctions” during that period and “has not made any effort to reopen this case,” Feehan’s lawyers noted.

The lawyers added that Evers’ request “should be struck in its entirety as filed out of time in a closed case over which there is no longer jurisdiction.”

Powell had insisted that Trump won the 2020 election and filed several lawsuits challenging the election results in some states, but most of her cases were rejected by courts. 

Powell previously joined Pete Santilli on March 10 to address the current election situation in the United States.

Powell told Santilli, “This is the greatest constitutional crisis in the republic, save perhaps the Civil War.” 

Powell thanked MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne, and her friend Gen. Michael Flynn for their hard work and continued generosity.

She also expressed gratitude to the millions of prayer warriors who continue to pray for her while she conducts her investigation.

In response to the Supreme Court’s failure to even discuss the unprecedented 2020 election irregularities, Powell had this to say, “There are all different kinds of corruption. If nothing else, it’s morally corrupt, intellectually corrupt and, I don’t know, or unpatriotically corrupt at the very least because this is the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of the republic, save perhaps the Civil War.”

She also said that they did not act in a timely fashion before Jan. 6 or review the alleged fraud-proof, which no court has ever done. The only court that comes close is one in Antrim County, Michigan, which encouraged further discovery.

“We have been met by massive, well-funded, coordinated resistance,” Powell added.

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