Attorney Sidney Powell on Saturday night, Dec. 5, sent out “an important message” about the upcoming Senate runoff elections in Georgia.

At stake are Georgia’s two Senate seats, held by incumbent Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Perdue fell short of the 50 percent required to win outright in primary election and has to compete with Democrat Jon Ossof  in the Jan. 5 runoff. Loeffler will also compete in the runoff against Democrat Raphael Warnock. 

The Jan.5 runoff elections are drawing all the attention as they will determine which party controls the Senate. However, overwhelming allegations and evidence of voting irregularities and fraud in the state have confused the public on how to ensure the integrity of the elections. 

Powell shared a message from a member of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s defense team, Abigail Frye—which may shed some light on the situation in Georgia.  

“An important message from the very special @abigailcfrye on the many interests & issues in Georgia now,” Powell wrote in a tweet. “It’s imperative for the future of the Republic & American Exceptionalism that we get this right NOW. There must be no doubt the will of the voter rules.”

In a personal note, Frye, who is also fighting for a fair election across the country, urged Americans to support Loeffler and Perdue for Senate, “while standing firm for fraud-free and honorable elections.”

Frye noted that the Dominion Voting Systems used throughout in the state are unreliable and riddled with fraud. 

“Through them, it is impossible to ensure that the vote YOU casted for the candidate YOU chose was actually counted for that candidate. This issue was brought to light in the November 2020 general election. If nothing changes, this same issue will permeate into the January 5th, 2021 Senate Runoff races,” she said.

Frye called on Georgians to demand the state’s leaders investigate the election fraud while making a plan to vote in person on Jan. 5.

“They [Georgia leaders] work for YOU! Give them a call. Write them a note. Share what you have seen and ask that they DO something about the way this election was conducted,” Frye continued. “Georgia leaders have the power to call a special session to review the fraud and take action—ask them to do so. If there is no fraud, there is nothing to hid. Your voice matters and we are in this together.”

“Vote for the Republican Nominees for US Senate, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Cast your ballot by paper—filled out and submitted in person—or vote ON Election Day, January 5th—that way, there is time to FIX the fraud and ensure your vote is actually counted for these nominees,” she added.

President Donald Trump called on Georgians to go out and supports Perdue and Loeffler during his Victory Rally on Saturday. Meanwhile, the president urged Gov. Brian Kemp to ask for a special session of the Legislature.

“This time in our history is bigger than party politics, and it is bigger than candidate preferences—it goes to the core of who we are as Americans, and the freedoms we treasure in our sacred right to vote,” Frye concluded. 

Read Frye’s note here.

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