While thousands of illegals invade from Mexico every day and Iran boldly destroys a $100 million surveillance drone, the House Judiciary Subcommittee considers citizen testimony on a resolution to pay reparations or compensatory payments for descendants of American slaves. Coleman Hughes testified that HR 40 is a distraction from today’s problems and makes victims of blacks without their consent.

Hughes said, “I’m not saying that acknowledging history doesn’t matter it does, I’m saying there’s a difference between acknowledging history and allowing history to distract us from the problems we face today … but the people who are owed for slavery are no longer here and we are not entitled to collect on their debts. Reparations by definition are only given to victims so the moment you give me reparations you’ve made me into a victim without my consent not just that, you’ve made one-third of black Americans who poll against reparations into victims without their consent.”

While Hughes’s opinion was apparently unpopular even with Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Steve Cohen who declared the testimony inappropriate or presumptuous, the chairman did manage to restore order and then attempt to set a more respectful tone for the next witness, Burgess Owens. Hughes said, “For all these reasons bill HR 40 is a moral and political mistake. Thank you.”

Cohen said “Thank you Mr. Hughes” and then responding to some grumbling in the audience said, “Chill, chill chill chill! He was presumptive but he still has a right to speak. Mr. Burgess Owens is recognized. Every witness and everybody here should be treated with respect. Burgess Owens is an author and a retired professional football player for the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders. He’s the author of a number of books including the 2016 book ‘Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps’ which offers a history analysis of the black experience the United States”


While Owens described a battle between Judaeo-Christian values and the evil of Marxian socialism for the heart and soul of America, he shared his own renunciation of the Democratic Party, the on-going Marxian stealing or rewriting of history, and some of its negative consequences.

Owens said, “We are fighting for the heart and soul of our nation we have a very, very special country to start with a Judeo-Christian values that allowed every single generation become better than the last and that has not ended it has not stopped until now. We’re telling our kids a little bit, something different that they don’t have the opportunities that we had.”

He continued, “People change I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race. So when I talk about these ideologies, ideologies don’t change. People do. We are fighting for the heart and soul of our nation against socialism Marxism. An evil that has brought to us a stealing of our history. Karl Marx said it best. Arguably the father of socialism, an atheist, anti-Semite and a blatant racist, that here we teach his philosophy in our school systems today. He said it. The first battleground is the rewriting of our history. (If) You steal our history, you still our pride and our past, our appreciation for our present and a vision for our future. In every single urban city in our country is now experiencing that loss.”

After delivering a brief family history beginning with the abolition of slavery, Owens shared some stolen accomplishments of the black community through the 1960s as well as some contemporary statistics he finds disappointing.

Owens said, “The history of our black country of our black America has been stolen from us for decades. Almost over century ago Booker T Washington, 1882, began Tuskegee University. By 1905, it was producing more self-made black millionaires than Harvard, Yale, and Princeton combined. The 40s 50s and 60s it was the black community that led our country in the growth of the middle class. Led our country in terms of men committed to marriage. It was 70 percent. Now its 30 percent. Led our country in terms of commitment to business ownership, 40 percent. Now its 3.8 percent. Men matriculating from college, we now have a higher percentage of men incarcerated than in college.”

Owens added, “I do not believe in reparation. Because what reparation does it points to a certain race, a certain color, and it points them as evil and points the other race, my race, as one that has not only become racist but also beggars. I do believe in restitution. Let’s point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow. That has killed over 40% of our black babies, 20 of them. State of California, 75 percent of our black boys cannot pass grade 10 in reading and writing tests, a Democratic state. That way we get past this reparation to recognize that this country has given us greatness. Look at this panel. Doesn’t matter how we think. The fact is well it doesn’t matter our color. We have become successful in this country like no other because of this great opportunity to live the American dream. Let’s not steal that from our kids by telling them they can’t do it.”