A witness in the murder trial of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher has admitted to actually killing the victim.

Special forces medic Corey Scott was called to testify as a witness for the prosecution and shocked both the prosecution and courtroom by confessing that he had actually killed the victim in an act of mercy. The prosecutor called Scott a liar.

Defense Attorney Tim Parlatore spoke to the press after the shocking confession.


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“Today for the first time somebody went to one of these witnesses and actually asked the real question, ‘What is the cause of death?’ And what we learned, is that Gallagher is not guilty of murder. The trial is certainly going to continue but I expect that at the end of this there will be a not guilty verdict.” said Parlatore.

Decorated Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher is on trial for murder in the death of an ISIS prisoner in 2017 and has pleaded not guilty.

U.S. Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher (L) hugs his wife, Andrea Gallagher, after leaving a military courtroom on Naval Base San Diego, in San Diego, on May 30, 2019. Julie Watson/AP Photo, File)

Scott said that he and Gallagher had treated the Islamic extremist after he was injured in an airstrike. He said the terrorist had been stabilized and was breathing normally when Gallagher stabbed him.

Defense Attorney Parlatore questioned whether the stabbing had actually occurred.

“So all the forensics show that there was no stabbing. If he saw a stabbing that there was no blood to, perhaps he saw a movement that wasn’t actually a stabbing, perhaps he saw him just poke him. Either way our main, our position is we still maintain there was no stabbing.” Parlatore said.

Scott said that the terrorist would have survived the stabbing, but he believed the terrorist would be tortured by Iraqi forces and made the decision to asphyxiate the him in an act of mercy by plugging his air tube.

According to The Associated Press, the prosecutor became visibly angry at that point and accused Scott of lying, saying, “So you can stand up there and you can lie about how you killed the ISIS prisoner so Chief Gallagher does not have to go to jail. You don’t want Chief Gallagher to go to jail, do you?”

Scott replied, ”He’s got a wife and family. I don’t think he should be spending his life in prison.”

U.S. Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who has been charged with allegedly killing an ISIS prisoner in his care and attempted murder for the shootings of two Iraq civilians in 2017. (Edward Gallagher/Courtesy of Andrea Gallagher via AP, File)

Gallagher’s wife, Andrea Gallagher, spoke to the press after the court proceedings.

“So to hear today that someone’s finally had the bravery to stand up for the truth was refreshing after all of these years.” said Gallagher’s wife.

This follows a number of unusual events in the case. On May 30 Gallagher was unexpectedly released from custody drawing gasps in the courtroom.

Judge, Capt. Aaron Rugh had said that the release was a remedy for prosecutors interfering with Gallagher’s Sixth Amendment right to counsel after embedding tracking code in emails sent to defense attorneys.

Defense attorney Parlatore accused the prosecutors of a “rogue, relentless, and unlawful cybercampaign” that may have violated attorney-client privilege and hurt his client’s ability to get a fair trial.

President Donald Trump is considering pardoning several service members accused of war crimes, including Gallagher.

The decision in Gallagher’s court-martial will be determined by a jury.

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