Two Texas high school football players went head-to-head during a game Friday night, Nov. 1. But what they did after the game is going viral on social media.

Sherman High School senior Gage Smith was seen kneeling down in prayer with West Mesquite High School player Ty Jordan whom he knew from a select 7-on-7 team they both played on, according to CBSDFW.

Smith had received news about Jordan’s sick mother who is battling cancer, and he asked to pray with Jordan after the game.

Jordan’s aunt shared the pictures on Facebook, writing that Smith told Jordan, “‘I heard about your mother I’m sorry and I wanna pray with you.’ This melts my heart.”

Smith said that at that moment it was not about the score or the fact that they were opponents, it was about showing compassion.

“I just had a moment with him praying over him, his mom, and his family,” he said.

So far the post has over 150,000 shares.

Smith was surprised just how much viral attention the brief interaction received. He noted that it was just one more way that football can bring people together.

“To see that it blew up I was very surprised by it, and I wasn’t expecting it to be like that you know, I was just doing it for him and doing it for his mom and his family,” Smith told KXII.

Sherman head coach J.D. Martinez said Smith has been a team leader on and off the field.

“It’s pretty special that kind of everybody gets to see really what he is, he’s that type of kid all the time, it’s just not in front of the cameras or anything like that, he’s like that every day,” Martinez said.