Scared, lonely, and confused, this black Labrador retriever in North Carolina would cower in the corner, terrified stiff facing only the wall. Yesterday he woke up in a warm bed, waiting to be fed, today he went to a place where there are 275 dogs barking to be freed, and doors are banging shut all the time.

Tammy Greaves, founder of the pet rescue organization The Haley Graves Foundation found June Cash when she was at a local shelter. The dog was so upset that she wouldn’t turn away from the wall.

June was clearly terrified. (Facebook/ Tammy Graves)

Heartbroken by the dog’s situation, Graves rescued June from the shelter and immediately brought her to the vet.

The vet treated her for a severe heartworm infection and also found signs of past abuse. The dog was taken into a foster home.

After a physical and mental recovery, June began approaching his foster family members with her tail wagging and became more comfortable with physical contact. 

June loves to walk now. (Facebook/The Haley Graves Foundation NC)

June went up for adoption. We could not find the information about her adoption, but we believe she is in a safe and happy place now.