As House Democrats push for impeachment against President Donald Trump, the press highlighted a new conspiracy theory that says the president uses bigger salt and pepper shakers than his guests.

Main media coincided the publishing  of the supposed news on Thursday, Dec. 6, in the line with previous stories such as the one in which they attacked the then presidential candidate for eating KFC with a knife and a fork. “Are we prepared to let this lunatic run our country?” asked the editor of the Huffington Post, Abigail Williams.

Another noteworthy incident, according to media outlets such as Time and CNN, was that after being elected president at the White House he was served two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cake, while the others were given only one.

Now, CBS News’ Mark Knoller posted on his twitter account that President Trump used salt and pepper shakers larger than his diners during a lunch, which he held in the Cabinet Room with United Nations Security Council ambassadors.

That claim was confirmed by Voice of America White House correspondent Steve Herman before Business Insider James Pasley rushed to investigate photographic archives to conclude that former presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton, used shakers the same size as their guests.

The data was also ratified by Pete Souza, the official photographer of the White House of former President Barack Obama.

“Another power move”

 But Pasley went a step further and suggested that the size of these could be “another power move” of the president “alongside his fierce handshakes and bulky suits.”

The Business Insider graphics team even completed the report by highlighting salt and pepper shakers with red circles and arrows as “conspiracy theorists” do, RT described.

President Trump’s supporters were quick to criticize the news on social networks, arguing that the media should focus on really important things, such as the case of the elite-linked pedophile network led by Jeffrey Epstein.

A Twitter user also noted with disbelief that journalists should have “reached peek Trump Derangement Syndrome when you get triggered by his salt shaker.”

Some alternative media outlets attacked media corporations, saying that the “mystery” hidden behind the president’s salt shakers could simply be “bait for the media—an attempt to draw focus away from the impeachment circus and expose anti-Trump journalists as the clowns they actually are.”