A recent article published by the Journal of Medical Ethics states that governments should prevent any intervention by parents who oppose their children’s hormonal and surgical transformation.

A controversial article written by author Maura Priest, a professor at Arizona State University, warns that when parents reject the idea of their children undergoing a sex change, they should not be allowed to participate in “decisions regarding pediatric care associated with the transition.”

Nor should trained medical scientists be the ones making the decisions; they should yield to children’s wishes once they understand that children are “informed and competent” to make a lifelong decision about their medical health, sexual relationships, and reproductive choices, Priest argues.

“Assuming the patient is informed and competent, then only the [child] patient can make this assessment, because only the patient has access to the true weight of transition-related benefits.”

The published article is not simply medical information; instead, it is a report that uses specific scientific arguments to give solidity to a discourse that, above all things, contains a solid ideological charge aimed at imposing the LGBT agenda. 

Priest’s narrative responds to the initiative that seeks to silently appropriate the influence that parents have over their children by an ideology that seeks, among other things, to break with traditional values associated with the family and religious beliefs. 

Of course, the article has no legal or regulatory power whatsoever. But it does demonstrate its interest in pressuring judges, doctors, and like-minded politicians to further expand the legal authority and regulatory framework to allow sex-change practices, excluding parents from such fundamental decisions in their children’s lives.

Thousands of American children have been influenced to declare that they feel supposed psychological distress over the male or female sex that biology gave them. The claims have prompted a rising tide of expensive treatments that have yet to show any clear evidence of success, yet thousands of children seek funding for the invasive treatments.

Recently, several congress members who answer to the Biden administration joined transgender activists in encouraging children to claim they suffer discrimination against transgender people.

“Here are the ways we are working to create a more equitable America for all. Creation of a White House interagency process on Safety, Inclusion and Opportunity for Transgender Americans.” The White House statement on Twitter read.

The hegemonic media and progressive reporters largely support this political movement by taking a leading role in pushing these ideas. 

However, there is little scientific or medical evidence of the benefits of the treatments offered for this supposed psychological distress, such as puberty-blocking hormones, surgery, and a wide variety of regulations.

While several professionals recommend treatments, there is absolutely no consensus on this issue. It is therefore incomprehensible to try to eliminate parents from intervening in the decision of children and adolescents in this complex situation, which will also generate irreversible effects on the body and mind of those affected.