The U.S. Senate passed through the budget reconciliation package the amendment introduced by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton on Tuesday, Aug. 10. It prohibits federal funds from being used to promote critical race theory (CRT) in schools.

CRT has generated considerable debate in school districts across the country in recent months. Although its progressive proponents have succeeded in introducing it into educational institutions, even as early as the first years of schooling, more conservative sectors have interpreted it as a tool of anti-American indoctrination, which under no circumstances should be funded with taxpayer dollars. 

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, an institution that has condemned CRT, tweeted early this morning that the Senate passed the amendment in a 50-49 vote.

“The fight against CRT has gone national—and Sen. Cotton is leading the way.” Rufo posted.

In the video attached to Rufo’s post, Senator Cotton can be seen speaking in the Senate session saying that he had been raised to believe that America is a great nation and labeled CRT as an “anti-American ideology.”

“They want to teach our children that America is not a good nation, but a racist nation,” he said. “Those teachings are wrong and our tax dollars should not support them.”

In July 2021, Cotton introduced a bill called the “Stop CRT Act,” which seeks to prohibit sending federal funds to K-12 schools that promote critical race theory, as well as colleges and universities that force students or teachers to affirm the tenets of critical race theory, reports an official statement released by Cotton on July 14. 

“Critical Race Theory (CRT) is nothing more than state-sanctioned racism. Why should this poisonous neo-Marxist ideology be funded by the federal government? CRT simply has no place in America’s schools, institutions or military,” North Carolina Republican Rep. Dan Bishop said of the legislation in support of Cotton’s initiative.

Former President Trump also joined the debate, writing a hard-hitting column in Real Clear Politics, urging lawmakers and parents to act against what he called “toxic” and “un-American” indoctrination.

Trump sent a message highly critical of President Joe Biden and Democrats in general whom he blamed for the spread in schools of CRT and the set of leftist ideals that permeate forcefully into the teaching of American children and adolescents. They only serve to pit our country against each other by race and gender at every turn. Joe Biden’s presidential campaign focus was he would “unite the country,” the former president said. 

“In classrooms across the nation, students are being subjected to a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with the ridiculous left-wing dogma known as ‘critical race theory,’” Trump wrote in the op-ed published in June in Real Clear Politics. ”The key fact about this twisted doctrine is that it is completely antithetical to everything that normal Americans of any color would wish to teach their children.”

Senator Cotton has been a great fighter against CRT and his efforts are beginning to be reflected in practice. This year, among other things, he also succeeded in introducing legislation prohibiting the U.S. Armed Forces from promoting ideas associated with CRT.

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