According to the press office, the Senate unanimously approved the appropriation of a Deficit Neutral Reserve Fund (DNRF) that facilitates money to provide Internet service to Cubans.

“Agreed to by voice vote: Rubio amendment 3097—establish deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to facilitating the provision of internet service to the Cuban citizens, who’ve been deprived of the free flow of information by the illegitimate communist Cuban regime,” tweeted Aug. 10. 

These funds would be the positive response to the proposal of Florida Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, the former with Cuban roots. The funds would be part of the upcoming reconciliation bill.

“The regime’s crackdown makes the need to act clear. Thankfully, the technology exists to provide connectivity from balloons and other methods directly to those without internet access,” Rubio said.

He added: “Efforts were underway under the Trump Administration to do exactly that, but the Biden Administration is sitting on those plans. The people of Cuba cannot afford any more delays. It is time to act.” 

For his part, Senator Scott also referred to the need to help the Cuban people, who are fighting for their freedom through massive protests that began on July 11.

“As the Cuban people take to the streets to call for freedom and democracy, and an end to the brutal, illegitimate communist Cuban regime, the United States must stand with these brave freedom fighters,” he said.

He added: “The communist regime is terrified of the Cuban people, trying to cut off their communication with each other and the rest of the world and doing everything in its power to prevent them from shedding light on the regime’s oppression and atrocities.”

Rubio emphasized the importance of these resources in a video clip he attached to one of his Aug. 10 tweets, announcing, “Tonight the Senate unanimously passed my amendment to provide internet access to the people of Cuba.”

The regime’s violent repression reaches the extreme that Brigadier General Jesús Manuel Burón Tabit submitted his resignation as Cuba’s Vice Minister of the Interior as a form of protest.

According to the ABC report, “Applying the law with strict adherence to it does not mean murder,” declared Burón Tabit. However, his resignation is a sign of discord in the regime’s leadership.

In this context, the registry of the Non-Governmental Organization Cubalex already counts 220 persons imprisoned or without traces of their whereabouts. For some, it reaches 338 missing persons.

Likewise, there are reports of officials entering the homes of demonstrators to attack them and videos showing the police brutality by which the demonstrators are repressed.

Meanwhile, former U.S. President Donald Trump and many lawmakers support the Cuban people in these difficult times. 

“I stand in total solidarity with the freedom fighters in Cuba and the brave Cuban Americans who have watched their families suffer in the motherland at the hands of this heartless and brutal regime,” Trump said via Telegram. 

He added: “The Biden Administration is squandering a historic opportunity to stand for freedom and human rights in our home region. The Biden Administration is betraying the freedom-loving people of Cuba. I fought for Cuba, they didn’t.”

Likewise, at least 30 legislators joined Florida Republican Representative Mario Diaz-Balart’s initiative in which he requested international support to free Cuba.  

“Today, I led a letter to @POTUS urging him to stand firmly with the Cuban people by placing democracy and human rights at the forefront of the administration’s approach, and lead a coordinated, global effort for #Cuba’s freedom,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

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