Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas visited the U.S.-Mexico border earlier this week. The U.S. senator received a firsthand look at the issues facing immigrants and Border Patrol agents during his tour at the southern border.

Cruz called for congressional action to resolve the ongoing predicament at America’s southern border.

Speaking at a news conference, Cruz declared that the continuing border issue is a crisis. “We are seeing an absolute humanitarian crisis on the border. This is unconscionable, what is happening,” said Cruz.

Cruz blamed the Congress as the main culprit. “And unfortunately this is a manmade crisis,” he stated.

The senator from Texas said, “The responsibility for this crisis lies directly on the United States Congress.”||edc2b56a2__

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Cruz pointed to the “loopholes that Congress has put into law that are encouraging far too many people to make this arduous journey.”

He commented on the growing number of single men arriving at the border with children and stated that theses figures have risen steeply since 2014.

The reason is because the current U.S. immigration system gives priority to those with children, allowing foreigners to take advantage of that loophole. “It is an incentive from the United States Congress,” criticized Cruz.

“Go and find a small child and take that arduous journey. Risk that child’s life!” blasted Cruz.

He continued, “And I’ll tell you, far too many of those children face physical abuse. They face sexual abuse. They face neglect.” He pointed out “a growing problem we’re seeing is fraudulent family units.”

“Nobody who is compassionate, nobody who is virtuous, nobody who gives a damn about human beings would want even a single day to perpetuate these loopholes and put more children in harm’s way,” uttered Cruz.

Outraged at the situation on the southern border, Cruz said, “We ought to be angry. We ought to be angry at politicians that wash their hands of this problem.”

Cruz blamed members of Congress for the lack of action and for the influx of illegal immigrants due to loopholes in the U.S. immigration policies, which drive migrants to take the long perilous journey to the United States.

“It is time to end the crisis at the border,” and the only way is “for Congress to stop the political posturing and solve the problem: close the loopholes so that children are not subject to exploitation as they are right now, tweeted Cruz.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has detained more than 264,000 people trying to enter the U.S. just from the Rio Grande Valley region during the past year, wrote the senator in a second tweet.



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