Wisconsin’s bloodied parade on Sunday, Nov. 21, appeared as significant evidence of the folly of “almost-encourage-lawlessness” policies on criminal justice and the bond process of Democrats, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said in an interview on Tuesday, Nov. 23. 

Darrell Brooks Jr., the sole suspect of the murderous “SUV used as a weapon” parade assault, was just released a short time before for another crime on low bail, as NewsMax reported.

According to Johnson, the Democrats’ policies have fostered no bail or very low bail, releasing felons with a resultant increase in the number of crimes. As a result, the situation has become worse with more and more violence emerging. The crime-ridden areas span from generally Democrat-governed cities to surrounding areas. 

Johnson told Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends,” “Let’s face it—you had political figures during the summer riots of 2020 encouraging people to donate to the bail fund so you could bail these people out.”

The Senator insisted on ceasing the “catch-and-release” process, “whether it’s at the southern border or whether it’s in our criminal justice system in crime-ridden cities.”

He believed that violent criminals must be put and kept in jail. He also thought the Waukesha disaster happened as a result, forcing them to “tighten things up.” 

Johnson complained about the nation’s criminal justice system as an “issue by the left” for the fatal incidents. 

“A number of Democrat leaders” who “have been encouraging this” should be responsible for the cases.

He said: “They’ll never admit to it. They’ll never admit they’re wrong, and, unfortunately, the media and the social media, they are the Democrat communications department. They’ll never admit they’re wrong, and they’ve got the power to pretty well ensure that they’re not proven wrong,” as NewsMax reported.

Johnson said that the nation’s criminal justice system has made Americans become victims of a “culture war.”

“The left is on the side of this kind of lawlessness, whether it’s President Biden or President Obama issuing executive orders that are contrary to the law, all the way down to this catch and release of our criminal justice system and the southern border.” 

The Senator affirmed: “We need order. We can’t continue to live in this type of chaos.”

Later in the interview, Johnson said: “I hope more Americans are waking up to the reality of what Democratic governance means and what the result of it is.”

The New York Post reported that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office declared an internal investigation on Monday into how Brooks was granted such a low bond despite his criminal history and the seriousness of the charges against him in the alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend.

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