Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Friday, March 19, ripped into White House chief medial adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, charging him with not “being honest with the American public.”

Paul made the comments one day after he challenged Fauci to present hard evidence that people should wear face masks even after receiving the CCP Virus (coronavirus) vaccine. 

“There was Dr. Fauci’s opinion, his conjecture that someday there might be a [CCP Virus] variant that escapes the control of the vaccine and becomes a pandemic and hospitalizes and kills people,” Pau told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

“But there is no evidence it has happened. He thinks it might happen, so you need to wear the mask until he’s sure that things that might happen are not going to happen,” he said, noting that there are no reports or scientific studies saying that vaccinated people are spreading the disease.

“What Fauci won’t tell you is he is telling you a ‘noble lie.’ He is lying because he doesn’t think we are smart enough to make decisions,” Paul continued. 

During a tense exchange on Thursday at a Senate hearing over the CCP Virus pandemic, Paul said Fauci is performing “theater” and wearing two masks “for show” after being vaccinated. 

“You wan to get rid of vaccine hesitancy? Tell them you can quit wearing your mask after they get the vaccine,” Paul said. “You want people to get the vaccine, give them a reward instead of telling them that the nanny state’s going to be there for three more years and you got to wear a mask forever. People don’t want to hear it.”

In a Friday appearance on “CBS This Morning,” Fauci said that Paul’s position was “dead wrong” and “goes against just about everything we know about how to prevent spread of the virus” in claiming that those who have already had the virus don’t need to wear masks.

“He was quoting literature selectively and leaving out important studies, which actually show that people actually can get reinfected,” Fauci told CBS. “His point was if you’re vaccinated, you shouldn’t be wearing a mask.”

Fauci has previously said it’s “possible” Americans may need to keep wearing masks into 2022 to protect against the CCP Virus. 

The CDC recently released interim recommendations saying that fully vaccinated Americans continue to wear masks in public, though it says they can have indoor visits without a mask with other vaccinated people and with unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe CCP Virus disease. 

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