Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham has released hundreds of documents and transcripts concerning the “Trump–Russia” probe. The declassified documents include depositions, transcripts, and interviews concerning the alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russia.

Graham had released documents last year during the first investigation known as “Crossfire Hurricane,” which delved into whether there was any collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia.

“I consider the Crossfire Hurricane investigation a massive system failure by senior leadership, but not representative of the dedicated, hardworking patriots who protect our nation every day at Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice,” Graham said in a statement Friday.

He said his committee has released “as much material as possible,” but noted that “some classified material has still been withheld,” reports Fox News.

Graham referred to the “Crossfire Hurricane” operation as “one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ,” and added he “appreciates all those who participated in the depositions and their candor. They have charted a path to allow us to reform the system.”

Graham says it makes him mad that the FBI knew the Steele-dossier sub-source was a Russian spy, yet they still went ahead with the investigation. “This is the biggest fraud yet on the FISA court,” said Graham.

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes,” Graham said.

“The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in, and this never happens again in America,” he added.

Referring to the FBI’s leadership under former Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Graham said it was “either grossly incompetent” or, he added, “they knowingly allowed tremendous misdeeds.”

“There was a blind eye turned toward any explanation other than the Trump campaign was colluding with foreign powers,” he continued. “At every turn, the FBI and DOJ ran stop signs that were in abundance regarding exculpatory information.”

Referring to the release of new documents, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told Fox News: “This will, in fact, fill in a lot of questions that remain about the origins of this investigation.”