In a bid to stop the radical left controlling the Senate, Donald Trump Jr. has released a new ad urging Georgians to cast their vote for Republican Senate candidates in the January runoff election. He is calling on all Georgians to defend President Trump’s accomplishments.

This election is of paramount significance, as the crucial Georgia state will decide the Senate’s balance of power.

Georgia is presently under the spotlight over allegations of fraud in the recent presidential election. Republicans call for a forensic audit of the electronic voting systems and a signature audit to be conducted.

Presidential election votes have now been certified in Georgia, declaring Joe Biden the winner with less than 11,000 votes ahead of President Trump.

The Trump Jr. ad features a clip at the beginning of Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer saying: “Now we take Georgia. Then we change America.”

Don Jr’s voice then cuts in, saying: “There it is.

“The radical left wants to tear down everything we’ve accomplished: [by] defunding the police, eliminating private health insurance, and dismantling the Supreme Court. On 5 January, the U.S. Senate is on the line, and my father’s accomplishments are on your ballot.”

The Save the U.S. Senate PAC, a group founded by Trump Jr. aides Taylor Budowich, and Andy Surabian, will run the $500,000 ad campaign. The ad campaign will run on conservative cable and digital channels, reports Breitbart News.

The Senate runoffs to re-elect Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) play a pivotal role in the battle for the Senate majority. If Loeffler and Perdue lose their Senate races, then Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the possible next vice president, will hold the Senate’s tie-breaking vote.

For that to happen, Republicans will need to lose both seats, as at the moment, they hold 50 in the upper house to Democrats 48.

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