Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday, Jan. 13, that he would resign in a week’s time, when the Trump administration finishes its term on Jan. 19.

Pompeo wrote in a tweet that he would transfer the U.S. Secretary of State’s Twitter account and use a personal account.

“One week from today, I will be stepping aside as Secretary of State, and this account will be archived. Be sure to follow me @mikepompeo. Go do it now,” Pompeo tweeted.

The secretary of state has attracted more than 3 million followers to his Twitter account, while Pompeo’s private account has over 440,000 followers.

Secretary of state—the face of the Trump administration

Pompeo, the 70th U.S. secretary state, is truly the public face of the Trump administration’s pro-life, anti-communist, and anti-globalist policies outside the United States.

In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, Pompeo said that he was satisfied with his four years’ accomplishments under President Trump’s leadership.

“History will reflect on the good work that this president, and our administration, has done,” he said. “Those books will be written about the changes that we have made in the world, the recognition that we have taken about reality, sovereignty, respect for basic dignity and human rights, a return to the founding principles in a way that previous administrations had not done.

“I’ll let others write it, but I think that those actions—the actual things that happened—will be reflected in a way that shows there was good work done on behalf of the American people,” he continued.

Pompeo was repeating what he told the senior Republican lawmakers and congressional staff on Jan. 8 when he said that he is proud of the administration’s accomplishments in the national security, foreign policy space, and other things related to families and the pro-life work.

President Trump’s America First policy

Pompeo said that the administration’s America First policy has led the United States away from a lot of things that were frankly harmful to Americans and a bureaucratic screen that plays no real role.

“We’ve walked away from the World Health Organization. We walked away from the UN Human Rights Commission. We walked away from some of the central understandings of the World Trade Organization,” Pompeo said, adding that each of these things was detrimental to the American people, their prosperity, and their security.

“We were right to do that. It’s a sensibility that I think 75 million people still understand and understood in November of this year. They haven’t stopped understanding, I promise you that,” he continued.

One of the Trump administration’s achievements with Pompeo’s assistance was to expose the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including its persecution of ethnic minorities, religious groups, and dissidents behind closed doors.

“China’s Communist Party has exhibited extreme hostility to all religious faiths since its founding. Tibetans, Catholics, Christians, Falun Gong practitioners—all are persecuted,” Pompeo wrote in a tweet on Friday.

The administration’s accomplishments also include peace agreements between Muslim-majority countries and Israel, the Five Eyes Alliance with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, India, and South Korea to counter the threat from the CCP in the South China Sea.

“These are things that will truly be historic. I think history will remember us very well for these things when the books are written,” Pompeo said.

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