A 27-year-old Seattle man with serve mental illness was sentenced to five years in jail for making threats against President Trump’s family, synagogues, and members of the media.

According to the criminal complaint, Chase Bliss Colasurdo was arrested without incident by FBI agents on May 1, 2019, after a person reported to the FBI concerns about Instagram and other social media posts where he posted a photo of a gun pointed at Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law. He also made direct threats on Donald Trump, Jr. and to media stars and synagogues, according to Seattle Pi

In the indictment released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office Western District of Washington, Colasurdo claimed his social media accounts had been hacked and he was not responsible for the posts, yet he continued to make threatening comments, specifically threats to members of the Jewish community.

He was also reported purchasing various items related to firearms such as a holster, bulletproof vest, and ammunition. 

According to the indictment, he was denied an attempt to purchasing a firearm, but the Seattle Post- Intelligencer  reported that he was able to buy ammunition. 

After appearing in court on May 2, he was charged with five years in prison for interstate threats.