Former press secretary Sean Spicer said on Friday, Oct. 22, that Americans are not told the whole truth from the mainstream media, which he claimed is painting a fake world around the Biden administration.

Speaking on the Dan Bongino Report’s live radio program, Spicer said that the media is delivering the half-truth about President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and their failures as they navigate their first year in the White House.

The media is painting a world of “rainbows and puppies and sunshine” around the Biden administration, said Spicer, who worked under President Donald Trump and now hosts Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” 

Spicer was discussing his book titled “Radical Nation,” which he said covers the first comprehensive analysis of the Biden administration’s agenda. 

“They’re not listening to Newsmax. They’re not reading this book. The media, if you wake up on any given day and turn on the Today Show, Good Morning America, or you read The Washington Post, the LA Times, the Miami Herald, what they’re not telling you is half of the problem if not more,” Spicer said.

By listening to mainstream media, Americans live in a world created by “The Lego Movie,” where everything is great every day. It’s rainbows and puppies and sunshine and they do not let you know what this administration is really up to and the failures that they are having,” the former press secretary said.

According to Newsmax, “Radical Nation” is scheduled to come out on Oct. 26. It outlines how the Biden-Harris agenda is a dangerous plan for America and how Democrats are planning to change voting laws to lockout Republicans in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Radical Nation makes it clear what is at stake,” former President Trump said in his endorsement of the book. “If you want to Save America you must read this—it is MAGA all the way.” 

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