Residents of the cities of Dallas, Houston, and Miami came across billboards of the “Satanic Temple” apparently a “religion” officially registered in the United States that is carrying out a campaign promoting abortion as a ritual within its “beliefs” and passing it off as a “right.” But not everything is as it seems.

The Satanists’ strategy is to rent billboards near clinics that, unlike Planned Parenthood, provide comfort and medical care to women who became pregnant without expecting it and are going through a crisis because of it.

In other words, medical centers that oppose abortion. But that’s just the strategy.

“Our religious ritual of abortion averts many state restrictions,” the ad says and attempts to justify it by adding, “Pregnancy complications are the sixth leading cause of death among women ages 20 to 34. Abortions save lives.”

However, according to the Center for Communicable Disease Control, the top ten leading causes of death for women in the United States are:

1. Heart disease
2. Cancer
3. Respiratory disease
4. Stroke
5. Alzheimer’s disease
6. Accidental injuries
6. Diabetes
7. Pneumonia and influenza
8. Kidney disease
9. Septicemia

In other words, it is false that complications during pregnancy are the sixth cause of death of women, and the argument was used for perverse purposes.

Appearances can be deceiving

Based on the wording of the ad, the Satanist seems to be trying to affiliate new members to its evil belief by using the issue of abortion as bait.

“The point of the ritual isn’t to glorify having the abortion,” said one of the evil’s representatives. “It’s to affirm to the person having the abortion, that what they’re doing is not a violation of their deeply held beliefs, it’s something affirmative for them.”

In other words, they are trying to gain members to have more money using those who believe that by being ‘Satanists,’ they may have an abortion without breaking the law.

The ritual, explains one of the Satanist leaders, consists of reciting two of the principles of their “creed” and being aware that it is the person who is … killing her baby with the abortion.

On one of the posters a patriot saw in Phoenix, Arizona, the Satanists placed a picture of a flour mixture with eggs, and next to it a sperm entering an egg.

“Not a Cake,” reads one side of the graphic. “Not a Baby” it says next to the drawing of the sperm fertilizing the egg.

Comparing the procreation of a human being and a cake mix reflects the Satanists’ poor understanding of life or directly shows their contempt for it.

Satanists invented the abortion ritual in the late 2020s, explains Spectrum News, and it was adopted as a ritual to “formalize” it within their “religious practice” so that it would be protected by law.

In Garland, Texas, a group started a campaign gathering signatures to ask the billboard owner to take down the signs contracted to Jan. 14, 2022.

Some billboard companies refused to allow Satanists to publish such ads, calling them “misleading and offensive.”

Satanists sued these companies claiming “religious discrimination.”

Reports from 2020 indicate that the Satanist temple received “advice” from Planned Parenthood. From then on, the Satanists changed their strategy and adopted abortion as a ritual to hide it within their “religious freedom.”

This demonic “religion” has used loopholes in the law to its benefit on other occasions.

According to the Houston Chronicle, in response to Christian workshops offered by schools, Satanists proposed having workshops “with Satan” after school. They even requested to erect statues of the goat-headed demon with horns on federal buildings with the Christian cross or other religious symbols as a counter-proposal.

The advance of Satanism in U.S. society under the guise of “religious freedom” is yet another sign that laws that have no moral interpretation also serve to harm humanity.

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