The San Jose sergeant in his uniform was wielding two police batons as he was filmed performing a series of martial arts moves to the rhythm of ‘Mortal Kombat’ music in the background. Now, he is under investigation for his series of moves to music.

Internal Affairs Office caught the attention of the tape. It started an internal investigation of the officer named Eddie Chan, after allegations surged concerning how his video’s messages might be interpreted with certain viewers. 

NBC Bay Area is the first to report the story on April 15, claiming that officers were not comfortable with Chan’s video as “this is not the image they want the public to have of their department.” The specific date of when Chan’s video was published was not included.

Rob Millard, a retired San Jose police lieutenant who used to supervise Chan, spoke out and gave his opinion: “I think the video was irresponsible, certainly in today’s climate.”

Millard said he used to give defensive tactics lessons and confirmed that the moves in Chan’s video were never included in his teachings. 

Chan’s colleagues worried that the content of his video might have negative effects if someone tries to copy the acts. 

“That’s nothing we need to see from police,”  Rev. Jethro Moore of the NAACP commented. “I feel it’s a bad place to be if he feels like he’s going into work to be in combat with someone.” 

However, not all critics would agree that the video could be a topic worthy of condemnation. Many argued that the video was obviously for mere entertainment. 

“Chan didn’t indicate it was part of a lesson, so maybe we should leave the gaslighting to the professional agitators,” wrote Robert Johnson on Law Officer

Twitter users also shared their thoughts, dismissing that Chan deserves to be investigated. 

“This officer is the least of their worries when they have an officer who abuses and degrades women and children and are found guilty of it yet are still getting paychecks!” user Moni Saili tweeted in a reply.

User Bob Lawson mocked that the justice imposed on Chan should have all the lip-sync clips made by police officers in history be investigated.

“Hey, are they also going to go back in time and investigate all the lip sync videos cops made? I’m sure someone can be offended by one of those things. God forbid cops take a break at work and enjoy a little humor. Go mind someone else’s business,” he tweeted

“@SanJosePD, you guys seriously investigating this guy? This is actually makes cops more relatable. Whack!” Christopher Delgado relied

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