San Diego’s Unified School District announced it will consider introducing a potential vaccine mandate for eligible employees and children aged 12 and older on Sept. 16.

San Diego Unified employees must be immunized or face weekly testing. All 121,000 pupils in the district may take the test.

School board officials warned all existing social distancing and testing measures will remain in place, even if the vaccine requirement is approved. Los Angeles Unified School District recently introduced a similar mandate.

“All of these strategies build on each other and so somebody who is vaccinated still has to wear the mask,” San Diego Unified Board of Education president Richard Barrera said according to the One America News Network. “However, somebody who is vaccinated may need to test less often and that is a big difference, and somebody who is vaccinated–who is in contact with somebody who tests positive–is able to actually stay at school and not be sent home.”

The proposal will be discussed at the next board meeting scheduled for Sept. 28. Many parents are outraged at the prospect of these policies being enforced, with some even claiming they constitute “child abuse.”

Barrera acknowledges some parents in the district do not want their children to be vaccinated. An online curriculum will be made available for those students.

“We need to have a discussion about our ability to staff up to meet the needs of students who would not come in person,” he said according to FOX 5 San Diego.

Let Them Breathe held so-called “mask choice” protests outside of school board meetings for many months. Group founder Sharon McKeeman claims the experimental vaccine is different to other inoculations already administered at California schools.

In the interest of defending students’s “rights to choice” and access to in-person education, McKeeman threatened to sue the district if it introduces a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

FOX 5 legal analyst Wendy Patrick believes the controversial topic will inevitably move from classrooms to courts.

“We may see some analogies being made to the workforce but we are probably just going to have to wait and see,” she said according to the broadcaster. “What we can predict with some certainty is that there is already pushback, and then there will be court cases filed.”

“Based on how those are resolved, we will finally have some playground pandemic precedent that will really be informative for all of us,” she added.

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