The hot summer this year has registered 43 hot car deaths. for children. The latest death was a 3-year-old in San Antonio on Saturday, Sept. 21.

Lt. Jesse Salame of the San Antonio Police Department said the tragedy happened when one parent thought the other parent had grabbed both of the children, while, in fact, only the 6-year-old had been taken out of the car.

“By the time they realized it several hours had passed, and when they got the child out of the vehicle he was not responsive,” said Salame.

The 3-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the child’s parents were arriving home for the 6-year-old sibling’s T-ball game.

Investigators are looking into the matter further, “but there’s no way that this was anything more than just an accident,” Salame added. “They were in a hurry or they got distracted, and that very literally could happen to anybody, and that’s probably the most tragic thing of it all.”

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